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e-Ucare - Compare, co-operate and create with care

About e-Ucare

e-Ucare is an online strategic health cluster in which other Interreg projects are presented. This broadens familiarity and knowledge about these other projects and enables us to look for similarities between them.  As one team the representatives of 14 Interreg projects articulate the views from the grassroots. What are the things we are proud of? Where can our knowledge be useful to others? What do we want to change in the process? This is the first step towards new solutions.

e-Ucare aims to:

+   learn from other experiences in health innovation

+   find new partners for new cooperation so that you can take the next step with your results

+   address recurring difficulties at European level

+   find synergy between activities

+   speed your innovation to the market

Now that this first step has been taken, we invite everyone to enrich our content. So join our discussions, share your experience and be the difference you want to see!

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