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Are elderly people likely to use ICT solutions? I-stay@home knows the answer

Placed by Julia Siebert for e-Ucare at 2013-12-12

People across Europe are living longer now than ever before. The distinct needs and concerns of older people as members of society mean that demographic change is a topic with increasing importance for governments and service planners.

The I-stay@home (ICT SoluTions for an Ageing societY) project involves housing providers as well as technical partners from North West Europe and aims to identify, select and test a range of affordable ICT (information communications technology) solutions that can help older people to continue living independently in their homes.

As first part of the project, a research was carried out among North West Europe querying elderly people about their view on Information Communication Technology (ICT).

Encouragingly, most of them would be willing to adopt new technologies that would help improve and maintain their independence and certainly allow them to stay at home. However the most significant barriers to any adoption of new technologies or ICT solutions would be their affordability, popularity and usability. These barriers become less important if elderly people think that solutions would be provided by housing organisations and/or they helped their families in some way.

The findings show that there is indeed a demand for ICT solutions as a mechanism of support working in conjunction with the already existing support elderly people receive from family and friends and/or social services.

If you want to take a look at the complete research outcomes – you will find them for download in English language here.

For further information about the recent developments of the I-stay@home project, you can download the latest publication in English language here.

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