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BLOG: Recap, a platform for transnational collaboration

Placed by Audrey Meulendijks for Regional Care Portals at 2013-07-01

Lead Partner: Brainport Development
Written by: Joyce de Laat - Assistant Project Manager


As lead partner of the Recap project we have the honour to open this topic on our project website. With these blogs we would like to give all partners a platform to explain in their own words what their contribution to the project is, what they’ve learned so far and what they are aiming for in the future. Because every project partner has a different focus and different role, it is interesting for the website visitors to read the progress of the project from these different points of view.

As we progress in time we are very glad to notice that the transnational character of  the partnership evolves more and more. As you may know, the project  has identified three hubs, each with a specific focus on Telehealth trends. At the start of a certain project time is needed to get to know each other and get familiar with each other strengths and weaknesses.  By the time the project developed, the partnership developed as well. By now, partners are not only involved within their own hub, but are also joining forces and supporting other hubs where possible, leading to extra cross links between partners. For example, data from Maastricht is now also used in analyses with regard to the decision support systems that hub Leuven-Cambridge is working on. And the hub ‘Maastricht-Aachen’ is expanded to Belgium as well in order to collect more data and compare the regional care systems. This adds an extra dimension to the project and makes the researches that have been done already within the hubs even more valuable from a transnational point of view.

This transnationality is something we are aiming for as a partnership. This aspect also becomes visible in one of the main outcomes of the project, the transnational health portal. Besides being the  lead partner, we are also responsible for the transnational health portal, which is build upon the outputs of the three different hubs. Partners  will elaborate this tool within their current innovation and development activities and Brainport Development has committed itself to coordinate the maintenance of the portal after project closure. We think it is important to guarantee sustainability of the portal. Therefore, the portal will be developed in such a way that other European health related projects can be linked to the portal as well. The transnational health portal aims to set up the conditions which will allow the widespread application of integrated, innovative and transferable health care models and solutions for healthy ageing and independent living. It also reflects upon the horizontal issues of the projects, like policy/regulatory framework and ethical issues,  funding, cooperation and the promotion of a transnational healthcare market (SMEs for innovation).

With this being said I would like to conclude this first blog. You can consider this as a kick-off for all the interesting stories from our partners that will follow, so please come and visit our website on a regular basis so you don’t have to miss a thing!

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