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Ceremony Innovate Dementia Award

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2014-11-03

On Thursday 23 October 2014, the Innovate Dementia Award Ceremony took place at the World Health and Design Forum 2014 at the Muziekgebouw Frits Philips in Eindhoven.

The Innovate Dementia Award was released in October 2013 to reward initiatives that contribute in a clear and significant way to the everyday lives op people living with dementia. Two Awards with prize money of € 1.500,- each were available for individual persons as well as for (representatives of) organisations that came up with innovative solutions. We received in total 16 applications from all Innovate Dementia Partner regions, 7 from individual persons and 8 from professional organisations. The Innovate Dementia Project Partners acted as jury for the Award. They nominated six initiatives for the Award.

The three nominees from the Individual Innovate Dementia Award were:
•    “Stay Tuned”: a communication device to connect generations with the functional elements of a smart phone or a table but looking like an old-fashioned radio – developed by Ms Marjolein Wintermans, student in Eindhoven.
•    “Films to Support People Newly Diagnosed with Dementia”:  films on how it feels to live with dementia by service users themselves to improve the available information on dementia – developed by a group of service users, represented by Mr Tommy Dunne rom Liverpool.
•    “Self Help Groups for People with Dementia and their Partners”: self help group established to solve the social isolation of family carers of people with dementia that also organise social activities – established by Ms Ursula Rathai, family carer from Krefeld. 

The three nominees from the Professional Innovate Dementia Award were:
•    “Liveability – Increasing Exercise for People Living with Dementia”: an existing service that focuses on the prevention of health conditions and improving older people’s quality of life through increase physical activity that developed a special programme for people living with dementia and their carers – presented by Ms Diane Singleton, Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust.
•    “Into D’mentia”: a specially developed simulation programme to give healthy people an insight in the daily life of a person with dementia, presented by Mr Jan Rietsema CEO Into D’mentia Nederland. 
•    “My House of Memories app”: a digital reminiscence and communication app for people living with dementia and their caregivers developed to support and enhance communication opportunities, presented by Ms Carol Rogers – National Museums Liverpool.

The chair of the Jury, Mr Anne Landstra from Brainport Development N.V., Lead Partner of the Innovate Dementia Project announced the two winning initiatives of the Innovate Dementia Award: Mr Tommy Dunne and his colleagues  for “Films to Support People Newly Diagnosed with Dementia” and Ms Carol Rogers for “My House of Memories app”, who all came over for the ceremony from Liverpool to Eindhoven. 

Mr Tommy Dunne afterwards told us that he was very happy with this experience. When he was diagnosed with Dementia a few years ago he had a feeling that his life would be over. But thanks to initiatives like Innovate Dementia he is still very active and gets opportunities to improve dementia care and even to travel to London and Eindhoven to present his ideas and share his story to make people more aware and enthusias them. 

We hereby congratulate Liverpool with these very inspiring initiatives to support people living with dementia!!  


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