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Citrus Suite app that helps people with dementia to be showcased in China

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2015-01-12

Liverpool creative design studio  worked with people living with dementia, carers, clinicians, and researchers in a 'living lab' to create ReMind Me.


A smartphone and tablet app designed by a Liverpool firm to help people with dementia, and their carers, is to be showcased in China.


In a project facilitated by Innovate Dementia, creative design studio Citrus Suite worked with people living with dementia, carers, clinicians, and researchers in a “living lab” to create ReMind Me for both iPad and Android platforms.


It’s a system to aid the memory of daily routines of people living with dementia.

One of the most difficult elements for those with dementia, which can stop them living in their own home, is forgetting routine and how to perform simple tasks like cooking meals and making a cup of tea.


Using text, audio and video the app is designed to continually update the patient, with guides for getting dressed along with customisable prompts, for example the time and date, hospital appointments to when to feed the cat or take medication.

Carers and family members can also be linked to the patient through the app so they can stay in touch.


The app has won the first North West Digital health challenge and the team from Citrus Suite has been invited to showcase how it works in China to help the country tackle its ageing population crisis.

One user, 62-year-old Tommy Dunne, who has lived with Alzheimer’s for four years, says the app has been such a help to him that he now describes it as being “like my right hand”.


Citrus Suite, which is part of Liverpool’s pilot eHealth cluster, are one of the technology companies in the city region investigating technological solutions to tackle the city’s health and social care crisis. One of the aims of the app is to help people with dementia live independently for longer.


“People with dementia want to live independently” says Citrus Suite director, Chris Morland. “They want to live independent and healthy lives. This memory-enabling technology is empowering.”


The app is undergoing trials and will be available in 2015.


For more information about the collaboration between Innovate Dementia and Citrus Suite, please click here

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