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Creating a dementia friendly generation

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2015-02-10

Rebecca Rylance & Jill Pendleton from Liverpool John Moores University and Mersey Care NHS Trust describe the awareness-raising work of the Innovate Dementia team.


Schools can play a pivotal role in the development of  dementiafriendly communities. By educating children and young people about dementia, it is possible to create a dementiafriendly generation – one that is more aware of dementia and more supportive of people who live with dementia.


The Innovate Dementia team went to a number of secondary ,high schools throughout the ,city to deliver dementia awareness training to sixthform children (year 12).


The team was joined by Tommy Dunne, who has dementia and lives well with it, and the training broadly followed the components of the ‘Dementia for Schools’
curriculum: understanding  dementia; learning about carers; meeting someone with
dementia; and assistive technology. Sessions were planned with the teaching staff
from each school so that they were well matched to the learning needs and learning
styles of the pupils.


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