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Dutch government wants millions for research on dementia

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2013-04-04

Dementia is seen as an important socio-economic problem of which the cost of care for people with dementia in the Netherlands are now nearly 4 billion annually. This amount will increase even further because of the ageing society. 

To improve care for people with dementia the Dutch governments will invest the following 4 years 32.5 million euros extra. This extra money goes to the Deltaplan Dementie for scientific research to this brain disease. The action plan is about research to better treatment, healing and prevention of dementia. A national dementia register will be set up to provide insight about the content and scope of the problem. As long as it is not possible to cure dementia, the disease should be as bearable as possible for the patient, family and caregiver. 


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