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‘Europe in my city: How elderly people may stay independent and mobile in their home town’

Placed by Joyce de Laat for e-Ucare at 2014-10-27

This event organised by SOPHIA living network GmbH, Joseph-Stiftung, I-stay@home project,  brought the Brussels Open Days back to the city of Bamberg, building on the themes debated in our Brussels event. In Brussels, we focused on Health innovations and lessons we learned in the different projects and how to use them in further international co-operations.   
Narrowed down to the region of Bamberg, the focus was on the topics of keeping elderly people independent and mobile as we can already showcase successful projects dealing with these topics which are also a global European issue in terms of demographic change. 
All in all, there was a lively exchange between all speakers of the event with European authorities and representatives of small and medium enterprises in order to gather their opinions about potential future developments in the Bamberg region within the European context.
The event was aimed at elected local politicians, officers and practitioners from local authorities, social partners and universities from all over the region, as well as the general public. Some 50 participants attended the event. 


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