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First video of I-stay@home IT Platform now online – come in and find out

Placed by Julia Siebert for e-Ucare at 2014-02-12

For a better impression of the I-stay@home IT platform helping elderly people to stay independently at their homes you can have a look at this new online video. Enjoy!

In the I-stay@home platform, market ready supporting IT devices provided mainly by small and medium enterprises shall be uniformly connected to facilitate handling them - especially for elderly and disabled people. Additionally, the platform will offer communication services like a video chat or the handling of people's demands towards their housing organizations.

The first version of the I-stay@home IT platform will be tested in 180 dwellings in 9 participating countries of Northwest Europe, so that elderly and disabled people can take a close look at it and identify areas for improvement in future versions. The testing phase will start in February 2014 and will last for one year.

Safety and comfort

Supporting IT devices that were chosen should improve the tenants’ comfort and security by using devices like cooker guards, emergency call systems or remote controls for the dwelling, allowing them to switch lights on and off or automatically switching off energy-consuming devices when they are not in use. They were carefully chosen after thorough market screening and scientific evaluation.

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