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GoLivephone® tested in the Eindhoven Innovate Dementia Living Lab

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2014-01-09

The GoLivephone® is a smartphone for people that want to live independently at home for as long and actively as possible that can also be used by people living with dementia.

The GoLivephone® is easy to use. It is a smartphone that allows you, within your own capabilities, to get the most out of your life and keep matters as much in your own hands as possible. The phone has a minimal amount of large buttons. The GoLivephone® has several function: the usual functions of a smart phone: telephone calls, camera, sending text messages photo’s, navigation, games etc.

The smartphone has also a number of smart functions that increase your ability to live independently and provide peace of mind wherever you go. Unique for the GoLivephone® is that your care providers are always just a ‘press of a button away’, they are within direct reach. These care providers can, with your permission, monitor and support you remotely in a number of ways. They will know where you are, how active you are and, if needed, can respond directly.

The phone is equipped with so-called Intelligent Fall detection: when a person falls, a signal including the location of this person is sent to the contact person or a professional alarm centre. A simple push on the ‘everything OK’- button on the phone will delete the alarm.



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