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Innovate Dementia Award Ceremony during World Health and Design Forum 2014

Placed by Joyce de Laat for e-Ucare at 2014-10-07

On Thursday 23 October 2014 the Innovate Dementia Award Ceremony will take place at the World Health and Design Forum 2014 in Eindhoven ( The nominees for this award will present their initiative in a so-called “Elevator Pitch”. There are two winners of the Innovate Dementia Award: one for individual persons such as people living with dementia and/or their family members, students and individual professionals and one for representatives of organisations such as care and knowledge institutes, including SME’s and local authorities. 


The three nominees for the individual challenge of the Innovate Dementia Award are:


  • “Stay Tuned”, developed by Marjolein Wintermans.
    An old fashioned looking radio with new technology inside to connect people living with dementia with their relatives.  
  • “Films to Support People Newly Diagnosed  with Dementia”, developed by Tommy Dunne
    Films made by and with people living with dementia to inform and support people newly diagnosed with dementia.
  • “Self Help Group” developed by Ursula Rathai: 
    A self help group open for all people living with dementia and their care giving relatives.


The three nominees for the professional challenge of the Innovate Dementia Award are:


  • “Liveability – Increasing Exercise for People Living with Dementia” developed by Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust, presented by Diana Singleton.
    A programme to increase physical activities opportunities for people living with dementia. 
  • “Into D’mentia”, developed by Into D’mentia Nederland B.V., presented by Jan Rietsema
    A specially developed simulation programme that provides healthy people with insight into the daily life of people with dementia. 
  • “My House of Memories App”, developed by National Museums Liverpool, presented by Carol Rogers.
    A digital reminiscence app for people living with dementia and their caregivers to support and enhance communication interactions, engagement, cognitive stimulation and involvement in meaningful activities.


The winner of each Innovate Dementia Award will receive prize money of € 1.500,-- Beside the honour and prize money, the winning initiatives will be evaluated in the Living Lab structure as part of the Innovate Dementia project. 


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