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Innovate Dementia Award deadline: Only two weeks left!!

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2013-11-03

We challenge you to come up with the next big innovation for dementia health care!

we release the Innovate Dementia Award to reward an initiative that contributes in a clear and significant way to the everyday lives of people living with dementia. We want you to find new opportunities that address one of the many challenges of care for persons living with dementia. Everybody is welcome to apply for this award.


There will be two Innovate Dementia Awards: one award for individual persons such as people living with dementia and/or their family members, students (future carers or future designers) and individual professionals and one award for representatives of organisations such as care and knowledge institutions, businesses including SME's and local authorities.


Each Innovate Dementia Award includes prize money of  € 1.500,-. The contest for these Awards is initiated at the Innovate Dementia Transnational Symposium in Eindhoven on 1 October 2013. The competition will until 30June. In October 2014 the winners will be awarded at the foruth Innovate Dementia Transnational Symposium. Beside the honour and prize money, the winning ideas will be evaluated in the living lab structure as part of the Innovate Dementia project.


More information on the Innovate Dementia award, including selection criteria as well as the application form for the award can be downloaded here (PDF or Word-file).

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