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Kick-off meeting for the development of a Heart Failure Coach

Placed by Audrey Meulendijks for Regional Care Portals at 2013-08-23

On the 10th of July, the kick-off meeting for the development of the Heart Failure coach took place in the Academic Hospital of Maastricht. An advisory board was installed consisting of a general practicioner (Jelle Stoffers), 2 cardiologists (Christian Knackstedt, Hans-Peter Brunner-La Rocca), 2 heart failure nurses (Josiane Boyne, Maria Castermans), 2 PhD students / cardiology trainees (Sandra Sanders-van Wijk, Sema Bektas) and a representative from the patient organization ‘Hart & Vaatgroep’. They give first input to the SANANET – specialist in eHealth – for the development of the HF coach. This coach will  be on online application for patients at home which is in connection to the caregiver. Through this coach, a patient will be able to get education, receive treatment programs, be monitored with regard to symptoms etc.

The first draft of the software will be delivered in autumn 2013. The application will then be tested in a pilot with real-life patients in the end of 2013.

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