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Latest pilot trial results of WP2 presented @ department of Cardiologie, AZM

Placed by Audrey Meulendijks for Regional Care Portals at 2013-08-23

On 12th of July and 1st of august, the AZM ERCAP project team presented the latest results of the pilot trial in the region of Maastricht to the department of cardiology of the Academic Hospital Maastricht (AZM). The pilot-trial is named INTERACT-in-HF and aims to address current heart failure (HF) care and bottlenecks in current HF care. In this regard, we have performed extensive interviews and questionnaires with both patients and caregivers in the field, i.e. general practitioners, cardiologists and HF-nurses.

The latest results focused on 2 topics: i) disease management and knowledge of HF in the patients, ii) Role and responsibility of patients and difference caregivers in HF.  The results were received with great enthusiasm, although the results indicate that there is certainly room for improvement, because knowledge of the disease is very little in patients despite caregiver’s efforts and also the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved remain unclear. We will focus on these and other topics more in depth in the upcoming period and we will start process mapping a set of 50 patients in our region to investigate the efficiency of the care processes in HF.

Currently, the interviews and questionnaires are also being performed in the region of Aachen (GE) and will soon start in the region of Turnhout (BE). The results are expected by the end of 2013. In this way we will be able to make a transnational comparison of HF care and bottlenecks.

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