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Media attention for Innovate Dementia

Placed by Joyce de Laat for e-Ucare at 2014-05-12

The UK partners LJMU and Mersy Care ommissioned a short film for a big screen event in Liverpool One Shopping Centre.  This was shown during the Community Information Road Show, commencing Monday 5th May 2014 for 7 days and appeared approximately 1,000 during this period. The film tries to break the stigma and raises awareness that you can live well with dementia. It includes services users which are active in the Innovate Dementia project and UK Living Lab. 


One way to involve services users in our project is by organising Regional Stakeholder Platform meetings (RSPs). Each Living Lab has set up a regional stakeholder platform where they meet up with relevant stakeholders to discuss the progress of the project and new developments concerning people living with dementia. Each region and living lab has their own way of organising this. For instance, in Krefeld they have regular regional meetings with the NRW Geriatric Psychiatric Association and in Eindhoven they organise seperate meetings and focusgroups for (care)professionals, and people living with dementia. In Liverpool they have created a film to explain how and why they organise such meetings. To get an impression about the Liverpool RSPs you can watch this film here


One of the products and services that has been developed with the support of the services users during the Liverpool RSPs is the House of Memories app. The reminiscence app  was co-created (with the support of Innovate Dementia's living lab) with people living with dementia which was shown at RSP last month. A film about this app has been made by the House of Memories. This app can now be downloaded in the Itunes store - for ipads, iphones and iOS devices and at Google play- for android devices. 







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