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3rd ‘Call for Incentives’ is open until 30 November 2013

Placed by Audrey Meulendijks for e-Ucare at 2013-10-31

IN2LifeScience can award financial incentives which can 
be used by SMEs to initiate contacts and collaborations 
with experts, facilities or investors abroad. There are three

types of financial incentives available: 

Meet & Greet incentives (up to € 500) 
With a Meet & Greet incentive, an SME can travel to 
meet organisations or experts that can help overcome 
innovation bottlenecks, either bi-laterally or at events 
endorsed by IN2LS. 
Insight incentives of € 4.000
Insight incentives can be used to organise a staff 
exchange, receive training, or contract a study from 
experts or organisations that can help with new 
knowledge in the fields of technology, market or finance. 
Collaboration incentives of € 7.000 
Collaboration incentives will help SMEs to initiate 
more complex and time-consuming collaborations for 
developing or bringing to the market innovative new 
products or services. The incentives can be used for e.g. 
product development, specialised testing, setting up 
pilots, with a relevant organisation abroad.


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