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Recommendations for including SMEs in EU and cross-border projects

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-09-19

The theme of the first symposium of Health Cluster Europe was ‘Including SMEs in EU and cross-border projects: Experiences, best-practices and results in the field of Health and Life Sciences’. The aim of the symposium was to learn from each other’s experiences with respect to SME inclusion and to come up with recommendations for the new Interreg and other EU funding programmes. A wide variety of stakeholders, from SMEs to knowledge institutes, government and development agencies together discussed what has been successful so far and what could be improved. 


The symposium started with a plenary session including presentations of e-Ucare projects, an SME active in EU projects and a representative of the national contact point of Interreg. Taking the input into account, the symposium continued with discussing best-practices, experiences and recommendations for SME inclusion in groups of 4 to 5 people (world café sessions). 


The report reflects upon the most important and useful topics that were discussed. Additionally, the recommendations for new Interreg and other EU funding programmes are presented. Click here to read the report.

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