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Report of Round Table 4: Education and empowerment of the workforce

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2015-01-15

The fourth and final Round Table of Health Cluster Europe took place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, as an integral part of the inspiring World Health and Design Forum and focused specifically on education in the introduction of technology in care and the empowerment of formal and informal caregivers. The implementation and scaling of smart solutions for independent living and integrated care cannot be realised without involvement of formal and informal caregivers.


28 participants from the INTERREG projects participating in Health Cluster Europe as well as from other organisations gathered to discuss the great importance of understanding the responsibilities and changes faced by informal and professional caregivers. How can we, as innovators, guide caregivers into using technological solutions in order to help them care for other? And is it necessary to make changes in our organisations and communication to make this happen?


Three inspirational speakers shared their expertise and vision on informal and professional care. After this overview of the issue discussed, the participants gathered in smaller groups for an interactive group discussion on how to educate caregivers in the use of ICT in care.


One of the important outcomes was that we should educate on technology, but not impose it, especially not on patients. The importance of social interaction of healthcare cannot and will not ever be covered by technology. Additionally, education in the use of technology in healthcare plays a pivotal role in the removal of fear and resilience and could be realised for example by setting up a helpdesk or a buddy-system based on common interest.


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