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Report of Symposium 2 on "Best-practices for health innovation in Europe" available!

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-12-01

The Stuttgart symposium was the second to take place as part of the Health Cluster Europe project, following the initial session in Maastricht on June 6th. Whilst the former is perhaps primarily known for its automotive industry, the city and the surrounding region of Baden­‐Württemberg is also a positive hotbed of activity for the Life Sciences sector.


The one­‐day session brought together 30 representatives from Health Cluster Europe projects and focused on exchanging best practices for health innovation in Europe. BOM, lead partner of the IN2LifeSciences project, hosted the event together with local regional development organisation BioRegio STERN. The iconic tower of Stuttgart’s Hauptbanhof was selected as an appropriate setting. 


The symposium focused on boosting innovation in healthcare through the collaboration of SMEs, large companies and knowledge or NFP institutes. This inspired the organisation of the day around a series of best‐practice presentations from four keynote speakers representing projects in which this aim had been effectively realised.


In each presentation, the presenters spoke about their particular challenges and solutions for encouraging and exploiting the involvement of SMEs. Separate question and answer follow-­ups provided an opportunity to discuss and clarify the ideas and experiences presented. This also allowed partners to identify synergies between projects and discuss the potential for future collaboration.


Interested in the best-practices presented and recommendations for SME involvement? Read more about it by clicking here.

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