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Report Roundtable 3 on Patient Empowerment

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-10-14

The third roundtable session of Health Cluster Europe saw participants focus on understanding and discussing the influence assistive technology can have on patient empowerment and challenge how it could be further implemented within traditional care models and practices.


The morning session kicked of with introductory presentations defining both a theoretical and practical position towards people empowerment, followed by a heated roundtable group discussion.


During the afternoon session the group visited Stimul. A care ethics lab and inspiring example of how using scenario and role play can be used to encourage a new attitude for caregivers, decision and policymakers.


Overall the roundtable was very successful at triggering critical discussion amongst participants and concluded with the urgency to build trust between key stakeholders, explore further ways to measure outcomes and Co-Creation as an important methodology to go forward.


Read the enitre report here: Report of Roundtable 3

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