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Results of Round Table 2: How to get technology to the end-users?

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-08-27

The second round table of Health Cluster Europe took place on June 16 in Lille, France. 


The goal of the workshop was to support each other in the diverse projects participating in Health Cluster Europe and unpack a better understanding of who the end users are. At this point in time many of the projects are in a phase of testing, and the aim of this workshop was to find a common discussion on how they do, or can focus on their end users. 


The secondary objective for the workshop was to create a common task to work towards for the different participants. Since they are all working on different projects, it was important to offer a framework they would use as a common ground upon which to have a valuable exchange. In this effort the Business Model Canvas was used as a platform for sharing and discussion. The topic of ‘users’ and ‘business models’ became a trigger for exchange, share, and build relationships.


Wondering what has been discussed, what challenges we face and what we have learned from each other? Take a look at the report reflecting on the roundtable: Report of Round Table 2.

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