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Resume of Recap mini-symposium: Caring apart together..

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Regional Care Portals at 2014-04-29

The 14th of April the cardiology department of Maastricht UMC+ organised a mini-symposium for care professionals. The focus of this symposium was on the relationship between the patient and the healthcare providers. The symposium started with an interview of a patient about his experiences in the treatment of heart failure followed by an illustration of the patients’ perspective in the relationship with the therapists by a policy officer of the patient association. The experience and vision of a GP were shared followed by preliminary results of the RECAP Interact study concerning the development of trans-regional and multi-disciplinary network for the treatment of heart failure and the first outcomes related to the general practitioner, heart failure nurse and cardiologist were presented. 

This mini-symposium and the first results of the interact study showed us that the approach of heart failure is multidisciplinary and difficult. We also see that the approach of different caregivers and from the patients are very distinctly. We can conclude that further cooperation and changing thoughts and information between the involved stakeholders can be helpful in order to further succeed treating optimally heart failure patients. Overall, this evening was a very informative and learn full meeting for all the involved groups because everyone could see and tried to understand the view of the other involved caregiver or patient.

85 Visitors attended the symposium. The public was a mix of: GP’s, heart failure nurses, heart failure cardiologists, heart failure research staff , revalidation personnel,  ICD and CRT nurses/ technicians, people from the national patient platform ” Hart en Vaat group” and industry representatives. 

Presentations with the first RECAP Interact study results (in Dutch) can be found here and here


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