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Round Table 4: Education and Empowerment of the workforce

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-10-17

We would like to invite you to the last Round Table of Health Cluster Europe that takes place in Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands on Wednesday, October 22nd. The Round Table will tackle the theme of organisational change in care and healthcare with a special focus on Education and Empowerment of the workforce. Part of the roundtable is also a couple of site visits in the morning of October 23rd. 


This round table is an integral part of the inspiring World Health & Design Forum 21-23rd October: that takes places during the Dutch Design Week:


Participants of the round table participating on behalf of one of the Health Cluster Europe projects are eligible to having full access to the WHDF programme without paying the conference fee. Please indicate in the form which lead partner has invited you to participate in this round table. You will then soon receive a confirmation of your registration for the round table and the two site visits, and your possible eligibility for a free WHDF ticket.


This event has a special focus on education and empowerment of professional and family caregivers, in the introduction of ICT in care and healthcare. The implementation and scaling of smart solutions for independent living and integrated care cannot be realised without involvement of formal and informal caregivers. 


Three inspirational speakers share their expertise and vision on informal and professional care. 
Dr. Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer, Professor Informal Care, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg University. 'How do we reach a Care Justitia?'
Dr. Dorien Voskuil, Lecturer and program leader Research at The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Eveline Wouters, Lecturer Health Innovations and Technology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. 


All speakers share their expertise and vision on informal and professional care. For innovators it is of great importance to understand the responsibilities and changes these groups are facing. How can we as innovators guide caregivers into using technological solutions in order to help them care for others? And is it necessary to make changes in our organisations and communication to make this happen? 

Two exclusive site visits are organised at October 23rd for the participants to the round table. We will visit Zuidzorg - a large regional care company - and see how they've changed their view on improving care services by adopting design thinking and by working closely together with designers. 
The 2nd visit is a guided tour in the Graduation Show of the Design Academy Eindhoven with the focus on projects in care and healthcare. Students will be there to explain their projects and how they've worked with the companies in achieving these results.


October 22nd 14.00 - 16.00h - Roundtable

14.00     Introduction by Patricia Braat

14.10    Presentation by Dr. Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer

14.30    Presentation by Dr. Dorien Voskuil 

14.50     Interaction and discussion

15.20    Presentation by Dr. Eveline Wouters

15.40    Interaction and discussion

16.00    Closure


October 23rd 09.00 – 13.30h

Site visits to care company Zuidzorg and Design Academy Eindhoven. 


Check out for the full programme of WHDF including social events. 


Register by clicking here.


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