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School project „What’s dementia? “

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2015-01-05

What is dementia? This question will be more and more themed by children in the next years. The probability that the Granddad or Grandmother suffers from dementia will increase in the upcoming years. Therefore it’s important that children know what happens to their grandparents and that they know how to support them during their illness. Within the framework of the EU project “Innovate Dementia” the ARCK started the school project “What’s dementia?” to inform pupils in the age of 12-13 about dementia.

During two morning sessions the pupils think about different questions about the themes Age, the demographic changes, dementia and communicating with people with dementia. To understand the physical limitations that elderly people may experience, the pupils e.g. had to wear glasses that were smudged with cream so that they could experience the limited vision of elderly people. With a walker they should complete a course through narrow passageways. This should show how elderly people are limited in their mobility. With the help of comics basic information about dementia were given. What is the brain? What is the function of neurons and how are these connected with the Alzheimer disease? In groups the pupils worked on this question and presented their results in front of the class. After that the pupils learned how to respond to people with dementia and why they act sometimes in a different way than you expect.  
The pupils were very interested in the theme and at the end of the two morning sessions they were very keen to support people with dementia. For next year it is planned that the pupils visit the ARCK its low threshold offers. 


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