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Synchronize two ECG devices in the Catharina Hospital

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Regional Care Portals at 2014-07-09

AZ Turnhout and Catharina Hospital Eindhoven are currently performing their pilot study about remote monitoring. They are using an IMEC device (ECG Necklace) and software especially developed for this pilot by RECAP. The first results of the pilot are outlined below by the Catharina Hospital.  



Considering timing is quite essential in real life, especially for patient, we have to synchronize the time of the ECG necklace with the patient monitor. The signal supposed to be synchronous. On the other hand, the quality of signal should be compared as well. 

The devices that were used are the ECG necklace from Holst Centre and the patient monitor in the operation room. 

Software that has been used are the following. 

  1. Human++ BAN real-time DAQ: software that monitors the ECG signal and store the data.
  2. Recap Software Tool: ECG necklace store the data in SD card as .bin file, this software is a tool to process ECG signals.
  3. Four Color Pen: it is a software running on the PC in the OR, connected to the anesthesia-machine.


The measurement was done in the operating room, and subjects were two patients. First of all, we prepared all equipment we need; it included laptop, ECG necklace and electrodes. We entered operating room during the surgery. Dr. Korsten connected electrodes and ECG necklace on patient’s body. After software was ready, Dr. Korsten and a PhD student started to record data for one minute at the same time. This because the Four Color Pen software can store data for 60 seconds. With RECAP Software Tool we selected the signal in 60 seconds, and compare signals between results exported from four color pen and result from RECAP software tool. Both of these signals can be zoomed in to check the quality.



During the measurement, some problems arise. One of them happened with Human++ BAN real-time DAQ, this software supposed to store multiple sessions on the SD card.  When stopping the first session (by using the Human++ BAN real-time DAQ or by stopping the device) and start recording again by using the Human++ BAN real-time DAQ (without deleting the first session) there will be 2 sessions recorded which can be chosen in the Recap Software Tool. However, when we did that, there was only one session recorded in the data.
Another problem is Recap Software Tool (last version) can only process in .bin file. But if we select store data on PC, then data will be stored in .csv file. In earlier version, the Recap Software Tool can process .csv file, but in last version we used can only process .bin file. It means we can only choose one method to store the data, on PC or on SD card.



High quality ECG signals are presented. Compare the ECG necklace signal with patient monitor, not only the quality of signal is satisfied, but also the time is accurate. 
The ECG necklace from Holst Centre provides high quality ECG signals and accurate timing. If within RECAP we can solve the software problem we found then this ECG device will be more applied in medical field.





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