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The use of telehealth from a patient perspective

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Regional Care Portals at 2014-06-18

Hub 3 partners KU Leuven, NELFT and HEE collaborate on research on the development, testing and evaluation of two telehealth systems. The first results were already presented in a previous news item (article: Telehealth for patients with heart failure), but this time it is the patients' turn to speak up about their experiences with  telehealth devices and serivces. Therefore a film was created in which several patients share their findings. 


Some of the comments were that telehealth has helped to see how much better their blood pressure is doing since coming out of the hospital and that they are more confident to resume short trips with the telehealth device in tow. 


Overal with regard to patient satisfaction we can summarize that patients would recommend to family and friends, it gives peace of mind to themselves and family, helps to reduce anxiety particularly post discharge. Furthermore, patients feel it improves understanding of disease and that they have a specific point of contact.


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