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Vitaallicht - an intelligent lamp tested in the Eindhoven Innovate Dementia Living Lab

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2014-01-09

Vitaallicht is an intelligent lighting solution using state-of-the-art energy-efficient LED technology. It is a normal looking lamp with a high level and high color temperature lighting, that is able to differ the rhythm of light in a natural way. The light rises, is brightest in the afternoon, and sets in the evening. Different spectra and intensity of light give you the right energy at the right moment: during the day a bluish white light that triggers your energy, mental condition and concentration. The power of light makes you active and alert. In the evening, Vitaallicht provides a warm ambiance light. This light relaxes you in preparation of a good nights rest.

This Vitaallicht lamp is designed by Maarten Voorhuis and responsibly assembled in the Eindhoven region in the Netherlands. He developed the Vitaallicht lamp when he was researching the importance of daylight for the human biorhythm. “I was catched by the magic of light and I was surprised about the health aspects of light”.

Vitaallicht was tested in the Eindhoven Innovate Dementia Living Lab, to investigate the effects of a lamp that imitates daylight on people suffering from dementia. Some of these persons experienced an improvement of their health and wellbeing as the lamp supports a healthy natural rhythm of being active during the day and a good sleep during the night. This effect will hopefully lead to more scientific research.

The Vitaallicht lamp received an award for being the best LED-application of 2013 in the Netherlands.

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