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Vote for the DiscoverDementia Pillow to win as the beste care concept!!

Placed by Joyce de Laat for Innovate Dementia at 2014-10-31

The DiscoverDementia Pillow or in dutch ‘Belevingskussen’ that is developed in the Innovate Dementia project is nominated for the best care concept of the Netherlands 2014!  This competition is held every year by care insurance ONVZ. This year five ideas were selected from 547 other entries.


Industrial Design student Eriano Troenokarso from the University of Technology Eindhoven wanted to make play and music available for people living with dementia. Music is capable of triggering emotions, even in people with far progressed dementia this seemed to work! In cooperation with Hans van Wetten from care institute Land van Horne the concept of the DiscoverDementia Pillow was designed, evaluated and adapted to the user’s needs, portraying the potential of the Living Lab approach.


Now for final phase of the nomination the concept with the most votes will win a prize of 10.000 which we could use very well in developing the concept further!


Please visit and vote for the ‘belevingskussen’ concept by Hans van Wetten. Thank you!

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