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Want to gain insights and hands-on experience on Patient Empowerment? Join us for the next round table!

Placed by Lissa van der Heijden for e-Ucare at 2014-07-11

The next Round Table of Health Cluster Europe will take place in Gent, Belgium on Wednesday, September 24. The Round Table will focus on the theme Patient Empowerment. 


In a fast pace a lot of new types of treatments,  technologies, products and information systems have been introduced to the health and wellbeing market. Solutions that are designed to assist people who are in a vulnerable moment in their lives. Therefore it is crucial to know what their needs are and implement this knowledge into our projects.


In the processes of designing and providing care, the care receivers or -users need to participate as an autonomous actor taking increased responsibility and a more active role in decision making regarding his or her health. This active role is referred to as ‘patient empowerment’ and occurs when the goal is to increase the capacity of patients to think critically and make autonomous, informed decisions. Empowerment also occurs when patients are actually making autonomous, informed decisions about self-management.


From their own function and experience service users develop a view on care providing and use of assistive technology. During the Round Table insights and hands-on experience will be given on how to involve patients in decision making processes, improve their health literacy and self-management capacity. Additionally, you have the opportunity to visit a Care Ethics lab where empowerment and dignity in care are trained through learning by experience.


If you are looking for tips and tricks to approach patients with respect, mobilizing their potential in (re)designing care, then this Round Table is definitely an inspiration.


09h30  Welcome
10h00  Testimonials and workshop on patient empowerment

- Introduction and theoretical framework by Filip Dumez (HUB KAHO)

- Presentation by Peter Lambreghts, expert on assistive technologies
- Role play in groups & reflection

- General conclusions on patient vulnerability and the role of assistive technology

12h30  Lunch

13h30  Visit care ethics lab
16h30  Return to Gent


For more information and registration details, contact Edwin Mermans via EMermans[a]

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